Website Structure and Performance Optimization (On-Page SEO and Core Vitals)

Service Summary

This service is for existing publications that need to implement the technical fundamentals. This specific service focuses more on technical work, rather than your publication design.

The Tool we will use to analyze your site and process change is GTmetrix (

GTmetrix will analyze your site for both performance and structure, provide a score for each, and will send a list of issues to be fixed. We will process these tasks moving your site score to an “A”.  

What is GTmetrix?

GTMetrix is a tool that analyzes the your website speed and performance. It generates scores for our pages and offers Pagespeed and WiSlow. It is a free tool that we have found to be used to get detailed reports about site performance. It creates scores for the pages and also provides recommendations to fix them.

GTmetrix Walkthrough (3min)

Service Breakdown

1. Website Performance and Structure Optimization

This service will adjust your website so that:

  1. It follows the structural protocols Google is looking for. Information on your publication might be clear to you and your audience, but it’s important Google does, too. We adjust your code to follow clear protocols, and add information so Google can have a crystal clear understanding of what your publication is, it’s audience and those associated with it.

  2. We optimize your site’s speed and performance. Google gives precedence to publications that load speedily, and a fast loading site greatly increases user experience and user retention.

    ⚠️ Your website performance score is based on your software and server hardware. If you are not hosting with us, our ability to make complex adjustments to your server will be limited and we won’t be able to promise a score of “A”.


Here is our work checklist:

  • Go through the comprehensive checklist on GTmetrix for both structure and performance.



2. WordPress CleanUp and Adjustments

Here is our work checklist:

  • RankMath Pro integration (Yoast migration, if needed).
  • Sitemap submission.
  • News Sitemap submission.
  • Google Search Console submission and setup.
  • WordPress updates (core and plugins).
  • PHP 8 active and functional.
  • https enabled and fully functional.
  • WordPress tables cleaned and optimized.


We will provide a list of tasks performed, as well as before and after snapshots of your GTmetrix score.