Michael Peres

Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) is a serial-entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, author, tech-investor, and radio host best known for founding various technology, media, and news startups.

As a regular contributor to reputable news publications such as Entrepreneur and Times of Israel, Peres leverages his experience to advise aspiring entrepreneurs in developing the mindset to build, grow and scale successful businesses.

Founder SEO For Public Figures

Peres has a deep passion for solving complex problems in an elegant and effective fashion and the digital world of SEO was the perfect place for him. Leveraging his decade of experience as a software engineer and a server admin, Peres has gone down the rabbit hole to devise effective marketing tactics that translate into quantifiable results. Today, Peres operates a team of 26 members each with unique skills in branding, development, marketing, and server administration that work together to produce results that matter.

Over time, Peres’ unique strategies became focused on helping individuals such as entrepreneurs, investors, actors, and other public figures get ahead of the competition in the online world.

SEO For Public Figures primarily offers services that help public figures establish a notable and effective presence online.


Michael Peres’ career began in his basement with countless coffee refills and insightful sunrises. Before beginning his journey as an entrepreneur, it was crucial he develop and hone his technical skills. Though Michael holds a degree in Computer Science his journey and discipline really began post-graduation. In college, Michael simply learned how to learn, but developing specialized skills took a whole new mindset and self-discipline.

Michael has successfully built hundreds of websites and dozens of mobile apps (including Shabbat & Holiday TimesJewish Kids Videos (formally Jewish TV), and The Rebbe’s Ohel. After which, he ventured into a space few developers explore: design. He moved his focus from technical development to artistic design. He learned the fundamental minimalism and brand cohesion, the core principles of what makes a design great. Some of the sites he’s designed are Live At Encore and Dr. Car Glass. At this point, Michael was ready to found his first tech startup and scale up the skills he’s developed in a wholesale fashion. This was when Hexa Tiger was founded.

He then circled back to the drawing board with a mission to develop core skills in the field of data communication. Though networking seems similar to programming they truly are a world apart. Additional to his computer science degree, Peres holds a junior degree in data communication from Dawson College. As well, Peres allocated 8 months of learning to start creating and deploying web servers that are secure and lightning-fast. Peres then founded Hexa Cloud Services, a leading cloud computing company that helps brands, individuals, and publications find incredible success online.

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