Michael Peres, Founder of SEO For Public Figures

Michael Peres, Mikey Peres
Michael Peres (www.michaelperes.com)

Michael Peres, also known as Mikey Peres, is the founder of SEO For Public Figures, an agency specializing in delivering top-tier SEO and knowledge graph optimization services to brands and individuals seeking a prominent online presence. With a background in computer science and mathematics, Michael is adept at crafting effective SEO strategies, enabling clients to achieve their goals.

In addition to his expertise in software engineering, Michael is currently pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

Possessing a deep understanding of Google’s Knowledge Graph, Michael offers high-quality services to clients aiming to improve their online visibility. He acknowledges the essential role of efficient branding in SEO and closely collaborates with clients to develop tailored strategies that address their specific requirements.

Today, SEO For Public Figures is a thriving team of 22 professionals, dedicated to delivering top-quality digital marketing services under Michael’s leadership.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Michael is dedicated to providing the best possible SEO services to his clients. His unique blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to client empowerment distinguishes him in the industry.

Michael Peres
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